Disable systemd-resolved on Ubuntu/Deb/CentOS

systemd-resolved provide DNS resolver facility in newer version of Linux servers running systemd. I prefer manually editing /etc/resolv.conf and add resolvers. If you are running your own DNS server, then you need to disable systemd-resolved as it listen on port 53, with out disabling the service, you can’t start your DNS server. To disable systemd-resolved, […]

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Install Unbound DNS caching server

Unbound is an Open source DNS caching and recursive resolver. You can find more about unbound at https://nlnetlabs.nl/projects/unbound/about/ To install unbound on Ubuntu/Debian, run

To start unbound

Set unbound to start on boot

To configure your server to use local name servers provided by unbound, edit file


See dns […]

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DNS Resolver

CloudFlare announced privacy-first consumer DNS service. IP of CloudFlare public DNS servers are

So far i was using Google Public DNS servers as my resolver.

Quad9 Quad9 is from IMB and Global Cyber Allience. https://www.quad9.net

Other public DNS server is OpenDNS

All these DNS servers have good connectivity in india. I […]

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