PHP script to monitor exim mail queue

When you run exim mail server, it is good to keep an eye on number of emails in mail queue. here is a PHP script that will check number of emails in queue, if it exceed pre-set number, it will email you. Create file

Add following content.

In this case, if mails in […]

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Cpanel Server Block Incoming SPF Failed Mails

One of the customer email account as getting too much incoming emails from [email protected] First i tried to block the sender IP, but they are using too many IP. To stop this incoming email, i edited


Add below

Restart exim

Now watch the mail log with


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exiqgrep allows you to search exim mail queue. To search for a particular recipients, run

To search for all emails from a particular email account, use

You can use -i option to list only message id. This is useful when you need to delete mails from a particular account. To delete all email […]

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