Steaming to Anti Media Server using ffmpeg

To team a video io Anti Media Server using ffmpeg command line, use


Cammand with more steam option

See Ant Media Server […]

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Convert Video info MP4 using ffmpeg

Convert Video For Streaming

if you want to scale the video to specific size, use -vf scale option, example

Inject metadata

Convert Video to MP4 This is verified method, works good, i converted many videos, no quality lose

To cut a video during transcode

Other Methods, Need to experiment To […]

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Create video thumbnail using ffmpeg/mplayer

Create thumbnail with ffmpeg To create thumbnail from video using ffmpeg, use

Here HH:MM:SS = replace with time where you want to take screen shot. 1.jpg = is the tumbnail image generated. Create thumbnail with mplayer METHOD 1

-ss = you can specify time in seconds or in hh:mm:ss format. -frames 2 = […]

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Cut a Video using ffmpeg

To cut a video using ffmpeg, use

To cut a video and encoding it

DURATION_IN_SECONDS specify duration of new clip. If you specify 60, it will cut 60 seconds of video start from time specified in -ss. In this cause, from 00:17:00 to 00:18:00. For more info, see “Cutting small sections” part of […]

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Install ffmpeg on Ubuntu

To install ffmpeg 4 on Ubuntu, you can use PPA

Now install ffmpeg with

See ffmpeg […]

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error: ‘x264_bit_depth’ undeclared (first use in this function)

When installing ffmpeg, i get error

This is due to incompatability with ffmpeg and x264. What you can do is try another version of x264. You will be able to download older version of x264 from On 2018-08-14, it failed with latest stable snapshot. So i tried 14 days old stable snapshot


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