Git Ignore file Permission (chmod)

Some times when you transfer file to web server, you may need a differnt file permission for files to run in web server, if your code is in git, this make the files marked as modified eventhough file contents are the same. To avoid git checking for file permission (chmod), run following command

Git stdin is not a tty

When i push to get respo, i get error

Other than this error on push and pull, everything worked fine.


Add following to top of file /home/git/.bashrc

Modified .bashrc on my server


The problem is fixed by

This is caused on cpanel servers (i have installed gitosis on a cpanel less server a day before and it worked with out any error, this server have cpanel dns only installed.) as cpanel adds

in file /etc/bashrc

It also adds

i replace it with following as i prefer vi

See Git

How to protect .git folder using htaccess

GIT is popular version control software, this work like a time machine. You can easily get older versions of code. Each changes are stored as commit, so it work like a time machine for source code.

If you put your .git folder in a publically accessable folder, others will be able to access your source code. It is better put this folder outside of DocumentRoot folder.

If your .git folder is on public folder, then use following .htaccess code to block access to it.

Method 2

Create an .htaccess file inside .git folder with content

PHP Script to pull changes from GIT Repository

Here is a PHP script, that pull latest code from Git Repository to your web site.

git log

To see got commit log, type

To see logs in one line, run

To see one line grap, use