Install MongoDB 4.0 on CentOS 7

To install MongoDB 4.0 (for other versions, see release note) on CentOS 7, create file

Add content

Install MongoDB with

Enable MongoDB start on boot

Start Mongo DB with

To see mongoDB version, run

To see if mongoDB running

Or use

Install MongoDB 4 on Debian 9

You can see detailed instruction on how to install on MongoDB web site.

First add key

For Debian 8, run

For Debian 9, run

Now install mongoDB with

Once installed, you can check version with

Enable MongoDB start on boot

To start/stop mongodb

Getting Started with MongoDB

After MongoDB is installed, you can start MongoDB client with command.

List All Databases

To see list of all available database, use

Create A Database

To create a database, run

This will create a new database if not present and switch to it.

See all Collections

Once you switched to a database using “use DB_NAME” command, you can see collections (or tables) in a database with command

Creating Tables

In MongoDB, tables are called Collections. To create a collection, use

Here i create a collection with name “servers”.

Inserting Data into a Collection

You can insert data into a collection in Jason format. To insert use following format


When you insert data MongoDB will auto create a unique “_id” field.

Listing Data in Collection

To list all available data in a collection, use

This will list all data. To list specific data, you can pass JSON string to find(), for example, to find all servers to 64G RAM, use


Install MongoDB in Ubuntu

To install MongoDB in Ubuntu/Debian, run

Configuration file for MongoDB is

To see status of MongoDB, run

To start/stop

Create a User

Now you need to enable authentication, this can be done by editing /etc/mongodb.conf

Uncomment the line

Restart MongoDB

Now you can login with

To verify all works, run some command, for example

On Ubuntu 18.04, default MongoDB version is


Install MongoDB on CentOS 7

To find latest MongoDB version, see

To install MongoDB 3.6 on CentOS 7, create file



Now install MongoDB with

Enable MongoDB start on boot with

To start MongoDB, run

You can check status of MongoDB with



MongoDB is an Open Source NoSQL database.

Connecting to to MongoDB with user/pass

Install MongoDB

Free MongoDB hosting