Getting Started with MongoDB

After MongoDB is installed, you can start MongoDB client with command.

List All Databases

To see list of all available database, use

Create A Database

To create a database, run

This will create a new database if not present and switch to it.

See all Collections

Once you switched to a database using “use DB_NAME” command, you can see collections (or tables) in a database with command

Creating Tables

In MongoDB, tables are called Collections. To create a collection, use

Here i create a collection with name “servers”.

Inserting Data into a Collection

You can insert data into a collection in Jason format. To insert use following format


When you insert data MongoDB will auto create a unique “_id” field.

Listing Data in Collection

To list all available data in a collection, use

This will list all data. To list specific data, you can pass JSON string to find(), for example, to find all servers to 64G RAM, use


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