Install Open Source Zimbra Mail Server

To install Zimbra, Download latest version form

At the time of this post, latest version is 8.8.8 GA Release.

System Requirments

Zimbra recommends 8 GB of RAM. For detailed system requirements, see Zimbra System Requirements

I have installed on servers with 4 GB RAM with out any problem. If you are installing on server with 4 GB RAM, make sure you add swap in cause you run out of RAM.

Set Hostname

Zimbra need you set set proper hostname for your server. First add an A record for your host name and point it to your server IP.

Now edit /etc/hosts and add an entry like

Where is your FQDN.

Set MX Record

During installation Zimbra check for MX record, so make sure you set MX record for your domain, point it to the server where you install Zimbra.

Install Zimbra

To install Zimbra, run

It will ask some questions. Most questions, you can just press enter as that is default option (Y).

Once install is done, you will be asked to set admin password.

After install is done, you will be able to login to Zimbra Admin area at

Web mail available at


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