ERROR 1118 Row size too large Changing some columns to TEXT or BLOB may help.

When restoring a MySQL database, i get error

I installed exactly same MraiaDB version on both source and destination server. But still restring failed. This is due to default Engine. On old server, i had

On new server, it had InnoDB was set as default.

Solution Edit the SQL file in a […]

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MariaDB ERROR 1524 Plugin unix_socket is not loaded

After upgrading MariaDB on Ubuntu server, i got following error

Users created worked fine. Only root user had this error. To fix, you need to enable plugin. Edit file


Add below

Resatrt MariaDB

See MySQL […]

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MySQL Database Character Set and Collation


To change MySQL database char set and collation, run

To usee current char set and collation, run

You can specify char set when creating database with following syntax


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EasyEngine Connect to MySQL Database

To Find MySQL root password on EasyEngine, run


To connect to MySQL console, run

See EasyEngine […]

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MySQL ERROR 1193 Unknown system variable GTID_PURGED


When restoring MySQL backup taken on Amazon RDS, i get error

To fix this, open db.sql in text editor, remove the line

Another solution is take a new MySQL backup with –set-gtid-purged=OFF option and restore it.


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MySQL create database

To create a database, you can use

Example To create a database with specific charset use

You can use whatever character set you wish instead of utf8mb4. Example

To delete a database, use


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