Split mysqldump backup file into tables


I had to restore a large MySQL backup file. When restoring one of the table resulted in error. To debug the error, i wanted to split the MySQL backup taken using mysqldump into tables. You can use csplit command to do this

This will generate files with name tableXX. First file table00 contains SQL […]

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Extract Backup of one database from mysqldump all databases

When you backup MySQL Server with command

You get a MySQL backup file containing all databases. If you want to generate MySQL backup for single database from this file, you can run

See mysqldump […]

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mysqldump is a command used to backup MySQL databases. To take backup, run

To backup with triggers, routines and events

–opt combines many options. It is same as adding –add-drop-table, –add-locks, –create-options, –disable-keys, –extended-insert, –lock-tables, –quick, and –set-charset. –extended-insert option will group together all INSERT operation for a table. This make the backup […]

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