Run PostgreSQL in Docker

To run PostgreSQL on docker, create a directory for saving the data presistant

run docker container

In above, change the value for POSTGRES_DB, POSTGRES_USER and POSTGRES_PASSWORD as needed.

Connect to PostgreSQL server

To connect to PostgreSQL server, run

Now you are inside PostgreSQL conainer, to login, run

It will ask for password. Once you enter password, you will be in PostgreSQL command line.

See docker


PostgreSQL List all databases

To list all databases in PostgreSQL database, first connect to PostgreSQL database using psql command

Now run

This will list all available databases.

To change to a database, use command /connect

Once you connected to a database, you can list all tables in a database with command

PostgreSQL Create Database

To create a database, run

Creating user, grant permissions

Backup PostgreSQL Database

To backup PostgreSQL database, run



Create user in PostgreSQL

Method 1

To create user, become user “postgres” with

now run

Method 2

You can run following commands in psql prompt



To install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu/Debian, run

Start it with

By default user “postgres” have full access on PostgreSQL. To create a user, run

To create database, run

You can see help with