Convert SSL certificate into PFX format

To convert SSL certficiate into PFX format, run

Example for SSL from namecheap/ssls


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Generate CSR using OpenSSL

Info needed for Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generation

Generate CSR

Here is oneliner

To generate SSL for multi domain (SAN), just enter domains separated by space. If normal SSL, just enter domain with out www. For wildy card use * Example

OpenSSL CSR Wizard View CSR Details

Or use […]

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self signed ssl

To generate self signed SSL certificate, run


Add Self Signed SSL to Apache Virtual Host Lets say your Apache virtualhost entry is

Create a new VirtualHost entry based on this, say yourdomain-ssl.conf, in this new file Find

Replace with

Find line starting with

Add Below

Now restart […]

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Install SSL certificate on […]

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