Apache Auto Renew SSL on Password Protected site

I have a web site that is password protected using Apache basic autenticiation. I used following code in Apache config to password protect.

The problem is when SSL need auto renew, it need url like http://domain/.well-known/ to be accessable with out any password for domain ownership verification. To allow .well-known folder to be accessable […]

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View SSL certficate Details

To view certificate details

For web server



POP3 via SSL



See SSL […]

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SSL Life Time Reduced to 397 days

Due to changes in Apple, Mozilla and Google Root Store Policies, as of September 1, 2020, newly issued SSL/TLS certificates with a validity period greater than 13 months (397 days) are prohibited by policy and will not be trusted. https://www.globalsign.com/en/blog/maximum-ssltls-certificate-validity-now-one-year https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2020/07/09/reducing-tls-certificate-lifespans-to-398-days/ […]

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Redirect a site to HTTPS using PHP

This PHP script will redirect web site visitor to HTTPS (SSL) url. You can add this in your index.php of the web site

Move a site to new URL using PHP

You can also use Apache mod_rewrite .htacess to do the redirection. […]

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IIS redirect site to HTTPS

To force a site to always use HTTPS, add following content to web.config file.

Here is full web.config file for a web site that use WordPress and Force SSL


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