Transmission web client

Install Transmission on CentOS

transmission is a torrent client. This come with a web GUI, that make it easy to installed on a remote server with no X-Windows. To install transmission on CentOS server, run

Allow Web Access

To access transmission web GUI, you need to white list your IP address. To do this, first stop tranmission

Edit file


Replace with

YOUR_IP_ADDR_HERE – replace with your actual IP address.

Start transmission

You will be able to access web GUI at

Downloaded files are stored in folder

Transmission web client

Install Transmission torrent client on Ubuntu Server

To install transmission torrent client on Ubuntu, run

Before you can configure transmission-deamon, you need to stop it.

Edit configuration file

Once edited, start transmission-deamon with

Settings Password

Default user and password is “transmission”.

You can modify it by editing config file

Password you can use plain text. Transmission will convert it to SHA1 encrypted format on startup,

Allow remote access

You need to put your IP

Only white listed IP can access the web interface.

Download folder

By default download will be stored in folder

You can modify this folder as required.

Web interface

Transmission web client

Web interface can be accessed using port 9091.