yum fix duplicate package error

When installing a package, i get following error

To fix, remove the conflicting package with

See yum, Fix yum duplicate packages […]

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yum list all available packages in a repo

To list all packages available on a specific repo, run


This command list all packages available in repo “litespeed” […]

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rpmdb DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery

When running yum update on a CentOS server, i get following error.

To fix it, run


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Fix yum duplicate packages

On a CentOS server, when running

It failed with following error

https://gist.github.com/serverok/c0853120baff8848054cfb598e389c3a This is because previous “yum update” failed for some reason after package install. So no cleanup was done. To fix, you need to use package-cleanup command.

To list all duplicate packages, run

To remove all duplicate packages, run


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Some useful yum commands when installation fail or stopped halfway

yum commands Maybe run: yum groups mark install yum reinstall a package yum repolist Yum disable a repository rpm yum-config-manager Download RPM package from yum repository yum list all available packages in a repo yum errors Fix yum duplicate packages yum fix duplicate package […]

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Maybe run: yum groups mark install

When installing CloudLinux alt-php group, i get error.

This error is fixed by running

See yum […]

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