Linux add a user to group with adduser

adduser command like useradd, used to add a user to linux server.

adduser is more interactive, while useradd require all options passed using command line options.

 adduser  [options]  [--home  DIR]  [--shell  SHELL] [--no-create-home] [--uid ID] [--firstuid ID] [--lastuid ID] [--ingroup GROUP | --gid ID] [--disabled-password] [--disabled-login] [--gecos GECOS] [--add_extra_groups] user

For creating system user, run

adduser --system [options] [--home DIR] [--shell SHELL] [--no-create-home] [--uid ID] [--group | --ingroup GROUP | --gid ID] [--disabled-password] [--disabled-login] [--gecos GECOS] user

To add a user, run


To delete a user, run

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