Allow ICMP (ping) in Oracle Cloud

Oracle cloud do not allow ICMP/ping to compute instances. To enable ping, you need to enable ICMP in the security group.

On your compute instance details page, you will see “Virtual Cloud Network”.

oracle cloud vpc

Click on Virtual Cloud Network link, that will take you to page with VPC details.

Oracle Virtual Cloud Network

Scroll down, you will see subnet.

Oracle Cloud Public Subnet

Click on Public Subnet, on next page, it shows details about the subnet. Under Security Lists, you will see Default Security List for VirtualCloudNetwork. Click on it to see your firewall rules.

oracle cloud ingress rules

Click Add Ingress Rules button to add new rule. By default port 22 (SSH) allowed from everyone. ICMP was blocked for everyone (rule 2 and 3).

To allow ICMP, you can add a new Rule for ICMP.

Oracle Cloud Add Ingress Rule

On Add Ingress Rules page, select

Click Add Ingress Rules button. Now you should be able to ping to any compute instances on this VPC. It is safe to remove 2 of the existing ICMP rules or edit them instead of adding new rule.

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