Amazon Elastic Container Registry

Amazon Elastic Container Registry is used to store docker images in Amazon AWS cloud.

To create a repository using awscli command line tool, run

In Amazon AWS console, you can see the newly created repository by going to “Elastic Container Registry” page in the region where you created the repository.

amazon docker registry (ECR)

To see the details from command line, run

Amazon AWS ECR awscli

From the command, you will see repositoryUri, this is used to push your docker images.

I have following docker images

I need to push the image sevrerok/okapache:1.2 to Amazon ECR, for this first tag the docker image with repository name.

Now docker images will show

Login to ECR

It will display command you need to login to ECR using docker. Run the command to login to ECR.

To push the docker image to ECR, run

ECR push

Now the image is pushed to ECR, you will be able to see it using AWS console or awscli

To delete the ECR repo, use following command


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