AMD Ryzen 3 2200G PC

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 6600 +tax
Gigabyte B450M-D3H 5500+tax (Died)
8Gb Zion ram Blaze 3000Fsb 4650+tax
ZION Blaze RAM 8 GB 2400 MHz 3000Fsb 4650+tax
120gb kingston 1800+tax
Psu Antec 350w 1600+tax
Corsair 100R cabinet 2250+tax
Total INR 26432.00/-

Purchased on = 2018-09-26
From = Abacus peripherals (p)Ltd, Gopakumar

2024-02-29 amazon basics 2.0 Multimedia Speaker for PC | 3.5 mm Aux-in | 2x3W | for PC, Laptop, Tablet. INR 399/-

2023-07-12 Logitech G413 Tkl Se Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. 2 year limited hardware warranty. INR 5,995/-

2023-06-28 Dell S2421HN monitor INR 12,500/- 3 Year warranty.

2023-06-16 Dell MS116 1000Dpi USB Wired Optical Mouse, Led Tracking, Scrolling Wheel, Plug and Play. INR 253/-

2022-05-29 Sennheiser PC 8 Wired On Ear Headphones with Mic (Black) Rs. 2700/-. Previous one rat cut its cable, that lasted 2.5 years.

2022-04-17 Redgear MP35 Speed-Type Gaming Mousepad (Black/Red). Size = Small (Mouse Mat Size: 350mm x 250mm x 4mm). Type = Speed. Rs. 289.00/-

2021-08-02 New motherboard purchased. ASUS PRIME B450M-A (₹7,021). 3 Year Warranty. Amazon price is ₹7,740. Old Gigabyte B450M-D3H motherboard died (still in warranty, but purchased new as getting it repaired takes time). ASUS PRIME B450M-A User Manual (PDF)

2021-09-18 Purchased 2 * Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (1x16GB) DDR4 3600MHz. ₹14,098.00. 10 Year warranty.


2021-11-08 Dell MS116 1000DPI USB Wired Optical Mouse purchased from Amaon. INR 299/-

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