Apache web server

Change Apache Server MPM in RHEL 8

Apache on RHEL 8 uses events MPM. You can use apachectl -V command to see the current MPM used by

Apache web server

How to deny access to a file using .htaccess?

You may need to deny access to specific files on your web server for security reasons. On the Apache web

Apache web server

How to install Apache from source code

To install the latest version of Apache Web Server from source code, go to the apache website, download the latest

Install PHP APC Cache on CentOS 7 using yum

To install APC cache on CentOS 7, run After that, you need to restart the Apache webserver. in phpinfo() page,

Apache web server

Apache 413 Request Entity Too Large

On a CentOS server, when uploading a 100 MB video file in WordPress media manager, I got the following error


ionos Magento Internal Server Error

After migrating a Magento site to ionos shared hosting, internal pages of the site stopped working with “Internal Server Error”.

How to debug Apache VirtualHost not working

On an Apache webserver running in Ubuntu, I added a VirtualHost entry for a domain name. But instead of showing

Apache MPM ITK

Running Apache VirtualHost under separate user with mpm-itk

mpm-itk allow you to run Apache VirtualHost under a specific user/group instead of under the Apache user/group. On Debian/Ubuntu Apache

Apache Location

To only allow requests from a specific IP to a location, use Add custom headers based on location

Apache Proxy

To proxy request in Apache

How to Create Custom 404 Error Page in Apache

How to Create Custom 404 Error Page in Apache

A 404 error happens when a visitor comes to your website and the page requested is not found on your

Find what MPM model Apache is using

Apache is the most popular web server, it is Open Source and modular. Multi-Processing Modules (MPM) in Apache decides how