apachectl status www-browser not found

apachectl status

On a Ubuntu server, run i run apachectl status, i get following error.

To fix error, install lynx text based browser.

After installing lunx, apachectl status started working. See Apache […]

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Apache LogFormat show full domain name

To show full domain name in Apache access log, you can use following log format

If you want to show port also, use


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Redirect a folder to another

To redirect a folder to another using .htaccess, create



if new folder is on another domain, you can use https://new-domain.com/OLD_FOLDER See Redirect […]

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Password Protect Site using htaccess

To password protect a web site or a sub folder using .htaccess, create a .htaccess file in the folder.

Add following content

In this case, i used /etc/apache2/site-logins as AuthUserFile, this will store all user and password. You can change this file path to whatever you need. Make sure it is not accessable […]

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Apache Show Real IP Address when using CloudFlare

When using Apache web server behind cloudflare, apache logs show cloudflare IP address instead of real visitor IP address. To show actual visitor IP address, you need to install mod_cloudflare apache module. Before you can install the module, you need to install following requirments. On Debian/Ubuntu server,

Now install mod_cloudflare with

Restart apache […]

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Redirect site to HTTPS excluding a folder

On a web site, customer need to redirect all pages to HTTPS, but want to keep files in one of the folder on HTTP. For this, i used following in .htaccess file.

Here any url like yourdomain.extn/auth/ will not get redirected to HTTPS. See Redirect […]

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