Move Elastic IP from one AWS Account to Another

AWS Elastic IP is a static, public IPv4 address that you can allocate and associate with your AWS resources, such

How to enable root ssh in Amazon Lightsail instance

Amazon lightsail instances do not allow ssh root access by default. You have to log in as user “ubuntu” or

How to Upgrade PHP on Bitnami WordPress in AWS Lightsail

I have an old Bitnami WordPress server on the Amazon Lightsail server. Bitnami does not support upgrading the PHP version.

How to Open Port in Amazon EC2 instance

By default Amazon EC2 only allow port 22 (SSH) on Linux servers and port 3389 (RDP) on Windows Instances. All

How to export Amazon Route 53 DNS Zone

To export DNS Records for a domain, you can use AWS CLI. First, you need to make an Access key