How to Delete a Virtual Machine in Proxmox

How to Delete a Virtual Machine in Proxmox

Here is what you need to do to delete a VM in proxmox. 1) log in to Proxmox. 2) Find

How to delete KVM Virtual machine using virsh

Deleting a KVM virtual machine using “virsh” is a multi-step process. You need to stop the virtual machine, find the

How to force shutdown a KVM VM with virsh

I have a KVM virtual machine running Windows, and when I try to shutdown, it never stopped. To force shutdown



How to Reinstall Operating System on Vultr VPS

Configure KVM Bridge Network using netplan

On Ubuntu 20.04 server we have the following network configuration “netplan get all” command show following netplan config file has

Proxmox LXC container docker not working

On a Proxmox server, LXC container failed to run docker. When I start a docker container, I get the following

Migrate physical server to LXD container

lxd-p2c is developed by LXD team to migrate physical servers into LXD containers. Static binary files are available in

Static IP for CentOS LXC container

LXC containers get dynamic IP from DHCP. When you stop and start a container, its IP gets changed. If you

Linux Container

Where LXC Container files are stored?

LXC containers are stored in folder /var/lib/lxc Each container have a folder, which contains LXC container OS templates are stored

Linux Container

LXC container networking not working

On a Debian server, I installed lxc, but when I create a container, it is missing IP address. When I

lxc storage list

lxc storage list

To list Storage in LXD, use the command Example In this installation, we use btrfs file system for storing containers.

Identify LXD container

How to know you are inside a LXD container?

You have access to a virtual machine, you need to find out what virtualization technology it uses, you can install