lxc storage list

To list Storage in LXD, use the command


In this installation, we use btrfs file system for storing containers. The file location is /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/disks/default.img. It is used by 7 containers. See LXD […]

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How to know you are inside a LXD container?

Identify LXD container

You have access to a virtual machine, you need to find out what virtualization technology it uses, you can install virt-what

Then run virt-what command, it will show what virtualization technology you are using.

Another way to find is using the command. If you use LXD container, you will see the following files/directories. […]

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How to connect to lxd container

Linux Container

lxd is an easy-to-use command-line interface for lxc (Linux container). In this blog post, I will show how to create an lxd container and connect to it. To create an lxd container, run

Here vm-1 is the name of the container. ubuntu:20.04 tells lxc to create a new container with Ubuntu version 20.04. To […]

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libvirt qemu unexpectedly closed the monitor Failed to create chardev

On CentOS 7 server, after installing KVM, i connected to server using Virt Manager. During VM creation, i get following error libvirt.libvirtError: internal error: qemu unexpectedly closed the monitor: 2021-02-01T18:09:38.214356Z qemu-kvm: -chardev pty,id=charserial0: Failed to create chardev To fix this, edit file


Replace with

Reboot the server. After reboot, VM creation […]

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Install Linux KVM on CentOS 7

Install kvm with

Install libvirt, this is used to manage KVM virtual machines.

Enable libvirtd to start on boot

Start libvirtd

To see status, run

Install virt-install

Now you have Linux KVM installed. You can use virt-install or Virt Manager to create virtual machine. When i create a Virtual […]

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Download OS Templates Virtualizor

To create a Virtal Machine (VPS) on Virtualizor, you need OS Template. You can use pre-made OS templates or make your own OS template. You can see list of pre-made OS templates provided by Virtualizor at https://virtualizor.com/ostemplates To download an OS Template, login to Virtualizor, from left side menu, click on

Click the check […]

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Virtualizor Error No Gateway Found, Please assign a Gateway

On Virtualizor server, when start virtnetwork, i get following error

This is because the network inferace configuration don’t have GATEWAY defined. Find your network interface name with command

Now check configuration file for your network interface. On this server, i had following configuration

You need to find the gateway used by your […]

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Virtualizor error fetching interface information

When starting network in virtualizor server, i get following error

To fix this error, find the network interface name with command

In this case, the name is enp4s0, we need to add this name in Virtualizor Admin > Configuration > Master or Slave Settings > Network Settings > Network Interface If you have […]

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Copy a file from host into LXD container

To copy file from host machine to LXD container run


To copy a file from the host machine to an lxd container, run

To copy a file from LXD container to the local machine, run

If you need to copy a folder and files inside, you can use option –recursive […]

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