Virtualizor is a VPS management control panel. Virtualizor list all vms from command line How to create a VPS (virtual machine) in Virtualizor How to delete a virtual machine (VPS) in Virtualizor Install LetsEncrypt SSL certificate in Virtualizor Virtualizor Errors Virtualizor error fetching interface information Virtualizor Error No Gateway Found, Please assign a Gateway To […]

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Proxmox Manage Virtual Machines with qm command

Proxmox create virtual machine

To list all running Virtual Machines, run

To stop a VM, run

Here are other qm commands


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Finding Information on VMware ESXi Host

vmware esxi hardware info

You can run

In VMware ESXi host SSH terminal. You can also see this information by going to URL

This will ask for your user name and password. Normally default user name is root. Once you logged in you will see something like […]

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Proxmox is a virtualization software that allow you to run KVM virtual machines. Once installed, you will be able to access proxmox on port 8006. https://YOUR_SERVER_IP:8006/ Some commands

General Proxmox 6 disable No valid subscription notice proxmox config files Proxmox pveperf Proxmox take snapshot of Virtual Machine KVM Add ISO Images to Proxmox Proxmox […]

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Manage XenServer from command line with xe

xe command is used to manage XenServer from command line

To list VM, run


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