virsh command is used to manage KVM vps. It is part of libvirt package. virsh list virsh nodeinfo To list KVM virtual machines, run

Start a VM

To shutdown a VM, run

To delete a VM, run

Connect to Remote Server

This will take your SSH key. List All […]

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LXD container snapshot and restore

lxc allow you to take snapshot, restore snapshot of a container. Here we create a snapshot, then delete the /etc folder from the container. Now the container is useless. Restore the container from snapshot to get it work again.


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lxc is Linux Container, allows you to run lightweight virtual servers on your computer. It is better use LXD instead of LXC. LXD provides a much easier-to-use interface to LXC. Create lxc container with lxc-create lxc error Unable to fetch GPG key from keyserver To install lxc, run

To create a VM, use


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Create lxc container with lxc-create

lxc-create is used to create lxc container. To create a container, run

This will list all available containers. You can select the OS you want to use. To specify OS, you can use the following examples

To list all containers, run

To start a container, run

To connect to a container, […]

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Delete a disk partition in VMWare ESXI

To delete a partition in VMWare ESXI, you can use command

First find out all disks available on your server using command

On my server, it show following

I want to delete the partition

To do this, i run

Here is help for partedUtil


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VMWare ESXI Commands

To find vmware version, run


To find IP address, run

See VMWare esxcli […]

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