Change WordPress URL

Method 1: Editing MySQL backup To change WordPress site url, backup your MySQL database.

Run sed command to replace the URL in MySQL backup file.

Restore the new db-modified.sql, that will have the database with URL changed.

Method 2: Using Plugin Edit your wp-config.php and add following line.

if you want […]

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Running wp-cron with cronjob

By default wordpress run cronjob everytime user visit your web site. This is bad idea for busy site. To run wp-cron with cronjob, first edit wp-config.php and add following

Now set cronjob. if you have wp-cli installed, use following cronjob

If you don’t have wp-cli installed, use

Replace /var/www/html to actual folder […]

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WordPress bitnami How to install LetsEncrypt SSL on Bitnami WordPress Server Install LetsEncrypt SSL on Bitnami Disable MySQL bin log on Bitnami Reset MySQL root password on Bitnami server To remove logo from bitnami wordpress, login to SSH as user “bitnami”, then run

Now restart web server

If you are using Nginx, run […]

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