How to reset WordPress Password using wpcli

If you lost your WordPress user password, you can use forget password link on the WordPress login screen to reset


How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Getting your site to load faster is very important. Bounce rate (visitors leaving your website) on your website increases as


Find WordPress Version from command line

To find the version of WordPress, you can check the file Inside the file look for variable $wp_version You can


WordPress htaccess

WordPress uses .htaccess file for SEO friendly URL when using Apache or LiteSpeed webserver. If WordPress is installed on the


CURL ERROR 7 could not establish a secure connection to WordPress.org

On a WordPress website hosted on a CentOS server, I got the following error on the header of the website.

How to Add Expires Headers in WordPress

What is Expires Headers Expires headers are a type of HTTP header that indicates how long until cached copies of


How to install LetsEncrypt SSL on Bitnami WordPress Server

To install a free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate on bitnami WordPress installation, do the following log in to the server as

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Backup and Migration Plugins Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins https://wordpress.org/plugins/wps-hide-login/ – Hide WordPress login page from hackers. https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-security-audit-log/ –


How to create a WordPress shortcode?

WordPress Shortcodes allow you to extend the functionality of WordPress. Shortcodes are text within the square bracket. You can paste

Best WordPress themes in 2021

Here are list of popular Free WordPress themes. Kadence Kadence is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is available for free


WordPress use CDN with out plugin

Content Devlivery Network (CDN) allow your web site to serve images from another domain or a sub domain. This speed

WordPress Avada theme icon missing

WordPress Avada theme load fontawesome from old site

I have migrated a web site using Avada WordPress theme. Once site is migrated, i edited wp-config.php file and added