How to create a WordPress shortcode?


WordPress Shortcodes allow you to extend the functionality of WordPress. Shortcodes are text within the square bracket. You can paste this shortcode on any page, post or widget. WordPress executes the PHP function associated with the shortcode and displays the result instead of the actual shortcode text. You can find more about WordPress shortcodes at […]

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Best WordPress themes in 2021

Here are list of popular Free WordPress themes. Kadence Kadence is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is available for free download and also offers a pro version that opens up more possibilities. Themes offers lots of modification options and customization possibilities to explore your creative and create something amazing. Best Features Header and footer builder […]

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WordPress Avada theme load fontawesome from old site

WordPress Avada theme icon missing

I have migrated a web site using Avada WordPress theme. Once site is migrated, i edited wp-config.php file and added following to avoid site getting redirected to old website url.

Now site works, but some of the resources are loaded from OLD site url, this breaks some of the icons. On Browser Developer tool […]

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WordPress CLI

To install WordPress CLI, run following command

To list all users in wordpress, run

To create an Administrator user, run


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WordPress debug


If you have a wordpress web site that give blank screen, you can add following to wp-config.php to enable displaying errors.

This should be added above line […]

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WordPress Backup and Migration Plugins


Migrate Guru: Migrate & Clone WordPress Free This plugin allow you to transfer your wordpress web site to another hosting for free. It support sites upto 200 GB in size. Use BlogVault to do the transfer. All-in-One WP Migration This free plugin allow you to backup and restore your wordpress site. Free version support […]

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WordPress CherryFramework lessphp fatal error


On a WordPress site using CherryFramework based theme, was getting following error.

This was due the web site have migrated to a new server and the path in new server was differnt than old server. To fix, edited file

On line 157, you see following code

Replace ith with

You will […]

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Change WordPress URL

Method 1: Editing MySQL backup To change WordPress site url, backup your MySQL database.

Run sed command to replace the URL in MySQL backup file.

Restore the new db-modified.sql, that will have the database with URL changed.

Method 2: Using Plugin Edit your wp-config.php and add following line.

if you want […]

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Running wp-cron with cronjob

By default wordpress run cronjob everytime user visit your web site. This is bad idea for busy site. To run wp-cron with cronjob, first edit wp-config.php and add following

Now set cronjob. if you have wp-cli installed, use following cronjob

If you don’t have wp-cli installed, use

Replace /var/www/html to actual folder […]

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