CentovaCast Enable SSL on icecast

Before you can get SSL work, you need to compile icecast with SSL. If icecast is not installed with SSL support, it will ignore settings and just serve the stream using non HTTPS.

To install Icecast with SSL support, download Icecast from


You need to verify SSL supported enabled. If you don’t have SSL support, you will see following error.

If SSL enabled, you can verify it with

You will see something like

If you get SSL disabled message, you need to install openssl-dev package

If SSL enabled, install icecast with

Replace icecast provided with CentovaCast with

Enable SSL for stream

You need to edit icecast config for each user to do this. Config file stored at


Replace with

Here port 8005 is whatever port used by the stram. 9005 can be any unused port. It is better just use a port same format, so you know what port SSL will be running on.


Add Below

Now create a file

Paste your SSL in following order

Change owner of the SSL cert file

Stop and start icecast in CentovaCast.

Here is a server.conf file for a user with SSL enabled.


See Centova Cast

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