CloudLinux PHP versions missing in PHP Selector

On a Cpanel server running CloudLinux, PHP Selector did not show all PHP versions.

cloudlinux php selector

I reinstalled EasyApache profile “CloudLinux + All PHP Options + OpCache + mod_lsapi”.

WHM EasyApache 4  PHP missing

Even after installing EasyApache profile with all PHP versions, PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.4 was missing on this server.

To fix, the problem, i run

yum clean all
yum install -y alt-php72* 
yum install -y alt-php74*
yum install -y alt-php73*
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One thought on “CloudLinux PHP versions missing in PHP Selector

  • It saves me some times today, thanks!

    It’s quite organic to install PHP Version through EasyApache expecting to see it in CloudLinux PHP Selector… but no, needs to install it manually by command lines, and there is not much documentation about it around the cPanel and CloudLinux forum & documentation.

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