Configure Nginx to listen on single IP Address

By default Nginx listens on all IP address on a server. To make nginx listen on specific IP address, edit nginx configuration file

vi /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

And VirtualHost/server files for each domain located in folders

/etc/nginx/conf.d => on CentOS/RHEL
/etc/nginx/sites-available => on Debian/Ubuntu


listen 80

Replace with

listen IP_ADDR_HERE:80

IP_ADDR_HERE = your server IP address on which you need nginx listen on.

See Nginx

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  • But on using specific IP:port, I get an error saying `nginx: [emerg] bind() to :8200 failed”, “errorDetail”: “99- Cannot assign requested address”`?

    • See if you have any other service running on port 8200. netstat -lntp command will show all listing ports.

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