Configure OVH Bridge Network from command line

If you have a Proxmox or VmWare ESXi server on OVH network, you need to configure network interface once virtual machine is created.

First login to OVH, go to IP page. Find the IP address you need to assign to this new VM, create a Virtual MAC. OVH allow 2 type of MAC. If you are using Proxmox, use OVH Mac. For VMWare ESXi, use vmware vmac.

Once you have Virual Mac. you need to configure it in your VM network interface settings. For Vmware ESXi

Now login to Virtial Machine, run following commands

In above, replace

NETWORK_INTERFACE_HERE = name of your network interface. This can be found with command “ip link”. Normally it is eth0 or ensXXX.

FO_IP_HERE = this is the Failover IP you will be using for this Virtual Machine.

GW_IP_HERE = This is gateway IP. For OVH network, it will be your servers MAIN IP address with last number replaced with 254.

Here is an actial example.

This settings will be lost when you reboot OS. For configuring network interface permanantly, you can do

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  • Hello,
    Your instructions are very clear. I have the same scenario and got exactly the same output.
    I get a response as yours when I ping but when I ping any other site e,g “”, I always get: Temporary failure in name resolution.

    Can you help give any hint ?

    Thanks in advance

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