Create DKIM in PowerMTA

To generate DKIM, go to

On first text box, enter the domain name that you will be sending email from. For example, if i need to sent email from [email protected], i need to enter in this text box.

In DomainKey Selector text box, enter name for your DKIM key. This can be any name, no space allowed. In below screenshot, i used “default” as key name.

Key size in bits = 2048


click “Create Key”.

Save “Private Key” it geneate in file

In above example, the file name is

Next you need to edit DNS record for your domain name. Create a TXT record with following name

In cause of above example, the name is

The DKIM wizard will give value for this TXT entry, use that. For some DNS providers, you don’t need to use double quote for the text value. If your provider show double quote, then you don’t need it. For v=DKIM1\; k=rsa\; the \ is not needed, remove that.

Enable DKIM Signing

To enabe DKIM signing, edit


This can be in your virtual mta setttings like

See PowerMTA

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