Create DKIM in PowerMTA

To generate DKIM, run the command

This will create 2 files. private.pem and public.pem

Create a file and copy content of the file private.pem in it.

Public Key

The file public.pem contains the public key, this you need to put in your DNS zone.

public.pem file contains something that look like the following.

NOTE: this is just an example, don’t use it.

You need to remove —–BEGIN PUBLIC KEY—– and —–END PUBLIC KEY—–, renew new line chars, so it look like one long string. For example

Next you need to edit DNS record for your domain name. Create a TXT record with following name

For the value, use


Enable DKIM Signing

To enabe DKIM signing, edit


This can be in your virtual mta setttings like

See PowerMTA

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