CyberPanel FTP not working on Ubuntu Server

On CyberPanel server, FTP was not working. I checked the server with “netstat -lntp” command. No service was listening on port 21. Started pure-ftpd with command

To start pure-ftpd on boot, run

Now FTP service started listening on port 21, but login to the FTP server failed with an error “Login authentication failed”.

pure-ftpd on CyberPanel server uses MySQL authentication. We need to configure pure-ftpd to use the “users” table in “cyberpanel” database.

Edit file

In this file, you need to add MySQL login details

If you don’t have a MySQL user, create one with

Here is the example config

If you don’t have MySQL auth enabled, enable it with

Restart pure-ftp-mysql with

See CyberPanel

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