DMARC is used to protect your email from email spoofing. DMARC use SPF and DKIM record to validate your email.

DMARC is a TXT record added in your domain DNS.

DMARC record look like


This specifies what to do with incoming email that fails DMARC.

Valid options are none, quarantine and reject.

p=none – used for monitoring. If DMARC fails, the remote mail server will send a mail to “rua” or “ruf” tags specified in the DMARC record.

p=quarantine – tell the recipient mail server to put the message in the SPAM folder if DMARC fails.

p=reject – reject mail if DMARC fails.

rf=afrf – Specify the type of report you will get.

Reject Emails that fail DKIM/SPF check

Filter and Reject Only 95% mails

Quarantine Emails that fail DKIM/SPF check

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