How to install icecast KH on CentOS 7 Server

Download latest source code for IceCast KH server from

At the time of writing this post, latest version is 2.4.0-kh15

cd /usr/local/src
tar -zxf icecast-2.4.0-kh15.tar.gz
cd icecast-kh-icecast-2.4.0-kh15
make install

If you get error related to “XSLT configuration could not be found”, see configure: error: XSLT configuration could not be found

You need a non root user to run icecast, create a user

useradd -m -s /bin/bash icecast

Copy the sample conif file

mkdir /etc/icecast
cp /usr/local/src/icecast-kh-icecast-2.4.0-kh13/examples/icecast_minimal.xml /etc/icecast/
chown -R icecast:icecast /etc/icecast/
cp -R /usr/local/src/icecast-kh-icecast-2.4.0-kh13/admin/ /home/icecast/admin/
cp -R /usr/local/src/icecast-kh-icecast-2.4.0-kh13/web/ /home/icecast/web/
chown -R icecast:icecast /home/icecast/admin/
chown -R icecast:icecast /home/icecast/web/

Switch to user icecast

su - icecast

Create folders for logs

mkdir /home/icecast/logs

To start icecast, run

icecast -c /etc/icecast/icecast.xml

Edit icecast.xml, set the password and ports as required.

To autostart icecast on server boot, check Autostart icecast using systemd.

See icecast

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One thought on “How to install icecast KH on CentOS 7 Server

  • Good instruction with a few errors.

    The commands
    cp -R /usr/local/src/icecast-kh-icecast-2.4.0-kh13/admin/ /home/icecast/admin/
    cp -R /usr/local/src/icecast-kh-icecast-2.4.0-kh13/web/ /home/icecast/web/

    should point to kh15

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