imunify get list of all infected files

imunify store data in SQLite database. To see a list of malware infected files, start sqllite with

sqlite3 /var/imunify360/imunify360.db

Data is stored in table malware_hits.

To find the schema of the table, run

.schema malware_hits

We only want to orig_file column from the table, so run the SQL command

select orig_file from malware_hits;

Delete all past scan results

If you need to clean all past scan results, then first stop imunify

systemctl stop imunify-antivirus

Start sqlite

sqlite3 /var/imunify360/imunify360.db

Delete data from the tables

DELETE FROM malware_history;
DELETE FROM malware_hits;
DELETE FROM malware_scans;

Exit from sqlite command prompt and start imunify

systemctl start imunify-antivirus
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