Install Minikube with docker driver on Ubuntu

Minikube is a Kubernetes implementation for development and testing. By default, it uses Virtualbox. The newer version support docker driver, this allows you to use docker to run your minikube Kubernetes cluster. You can find documentation for minikube at

First of all, we need to install Docker, for this, run the command.

You must be user root, if you are not root, run command “sudo su” to become user root.

Minikube only allows us to run as a normal user, so we need to add the user we will be using in group docker.

Next, install minikube with

We have minikube and docker installed. To continue, we need to switch to a normal user, that is in docker group.

To delete older minikube installation, run

Now create a new minikube cluster with the command

minikube docker provider

To see status

Now you will be able to run all normal kubectl commands. For minikube installation, instead of kubectl, you need to use command “minikube kubectl –“. It is better create an alias, so you don’t need to type “minikube kubectl” every time you need to run kubectl command.

At end of the file, add

Activate it with command

To get nodes, pods, and service, you can use commands

See MiniKube

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