install php redis extension in aaPanel

To install php redis extension on aaPanel control panel, run

If you get php-config not found error, you need to create a symlink. This is for server with PHP 7.4 installed, if your server have differnt version of PHP, you may need to change path.

Now continue the installation from “./configure” command, it will work.

To activate redis, edit php.ini

At the end, add

The path to file (/www/server/php/74/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20190902/) may be differnt on your server. This path you will get after you run the command “make install”

You can verify php redis extension is installed with command

To make redis extension available for web site, you need to restart php-fpm-74 service.

You can find name of service file with command

To verify web sites have redis extension available, you can create a file with phpinfo() function, that will show following.

redis php extension aapanel

See aaPanel

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