Install PowerDNS on Ubuntu 20.04

PowerDNS is an OpenSource DNS server.

Update apt repo

On Ubuntu, systemd-resolved listen to port 53. This is a local DNS resolver, we need to stop this service before we can install PowerDNS.

To install PowerDNS with MySQL backend, run

Since we are using MySQL backend to store DNS zones, we need to install MySQL database.

Login to MySQL, create a database and user.

Restore database scheme provided by powerdns

You can see this scheme in PowerDNS documentation.

Configure PowerDNS to use MySQL backend

Add following content

Restart PowerDNS

If PowerDNS started properly, you will see it listening to port 53. You can verify with command netstat -lntp

PowerDNS netstat

In above picture, you will see PowerDNS listen to port 53 and 8081. Port 8081 is API port, you won’t see it unless you enabled it.

To verify PowerDNS is running, you can use command

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