Magento 1 Command Line Tool

Magento 2 comes with command line tool to manage magento installation. This help you to do many tasks like clearning cache, install extension easier.

Magento 1 CLI is available from

To install Magento 1 command line tool, go to Magento install folder and run

chmod +x ./n98-magerun.phar

Now you will be able to use the command line with


Here is an example how to Upgrade an Extension using CLI

# ./n98-magerun.phar extension:upgrade Auctane_ShipStation
Checking dependencies of packages
Starting to download Auctane_ShipStation-1.3.47.tgz ...
...done: 46,264 bytes
Installing package community/Auctane_ShipStation 1.3.47
Package community/Auctane_ShipStation 1.3.47 installed successfully
Package upgraded: community/Auctane_ShipStation 1.3.47

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