How to Migrate CentOS 7 cPanel Server to Almalinux 8

CentOS Linux was discontinued at the end of 2021 in favor of CentOS Stream. CentoS 7 will continue to be supported through the remainder of the RHEL 7 life cycle, which will end on June 30, 2024. If you are using CentOS 7 server with cPanel, it is better to upgrade to AlmaLinux 8, which is a clone of RHEL 8 supported by cPanel.

cPanel provides an open-source script to upgrade your CentOS 7 installation to AlmaLinux.

Download elevate-cpanel

To download elevate-cpanel, run

wget -O /scripts/elevate-cpanel
chmod 700 /scripts/elevate-cpanel

Update the server

yum update

Reboot the server


Check for upgrade blockers

You need to run this script to see if any software installed on your server is computable or not.

/scripts/elevate-cpanel --check --upgrade-to=almalinux

If there is no problem detected, you can run the upgrade script.

Upgrade to AlmaLinux 8

To upgrade to AlmaLinux, run

/scripts/elevate-cpanel --start --upgrade-to=almalinux

Server will auto restart during the upgrade process. Once it is finished, you will have AlmaLinux 8.

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