OVH CentOS 7 server grub rescue prompt

On an OVH Cpanel server running CentOS 7, the server won’t boot. When accessing the server console using IPMI, I found the following error.

OVH IPMI server console

I booted the server into rescue mode, checked the disk partitions with the command parted -l

The server had 2 NVMe disks configured as RAID 1 mirrors. The first partition with fat32 filesystem is used for boot.

To fix the problem, I chrooted to the server file system with the following command (this may be changed based on your server’s partition scheme).

Reinstalled the kernel with

Then reinstalled grub loader. This server used UEFI, so used following commands

grub boot loaded is installed on both disks, so server will be able to boot when either one of the disk is selected as boot device.

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