Adding Backup Disk on a Linux Server

It is better to have a 2nd hard disk on servers for taking backup. Here we will partition a fresh disk and mount it as /backup.

Replace /dev/sdX with the actual device name of your backup disk.

Now you need to find UUID for this new drive with command

Create a folder to mount the disk, in this case, we use /backup

Edit /etc/fstab


Replace “1c7b33ed-ea6d-4694-9925-edfd0e8a2837” with actual UUID for your new disk, that you found using blkid command.

Now run

This will mount all disks specified in /etc/fstab, verify /backup is mounted with command

Partitioning New HDD

Here we partition device /dev/sdb and mount it as /backup.

First, we check free space on the server with

Lets make make the partition table of type GPT

Now you will see we have 1000 GB free space.

Lets create partition of type ext4 using 100% of the disk.

Formatting the Disk

Mounting Disk

First find the UUID of the disk with command blkid

UUID for the disk /dev/sdb1 is

To mount this disk as /backup, first create a folder

Now edit /etc/fstab

Add following line


This will mount all disks specified in /etc/fstab

Verify your new drive is mounted with command df -h

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