Separate Google Hangout icon in Ubuntu 18.04/20.04

On Ubuntu 18.04/20.4, when you install google hangout plugin in google chrome, it shows samne as Google Chrome Icon. It act like you have opened 2 windows, it is hard to switch between as every time you click on Google chrome icon in side bar, it ask you to select which window to switch to.

Ubuntu Google Hangout Icon

On Ubuntu 16.04, it shows same icon, but windows won’t combine in side bar, so you can click them seperately. To make Hangout show differnt icon in Ubuntu 18.04, first find ID of Google Hangout plugin. Go to Menu > More Tools > Extensions.

You need to enable “Developer mode” to see Extension ID, this can be done on extension page top-right side.

Google Hangout Plugin id

In this cause, we found ID of Google Hangout Extension as “nckgahadagoaajjgafhacjanaoiihapd”. This can change, so always find ID of extension you have installed.

Now create a file (make sure you replace GOOGLE_HANGOUT_PLUGIN_ID with ID you found in step above).

Add following to the file

Save and exit. Here is what i have on my computer.

Now if you start Google Hangout, it will show as differnt application. But Hangout won’t show generic icon.

To get hangout show proper icon, right click and save following icon file

Google Hangout Icon for Ubuntu 18.04

Rename it as “chrome-GOOGLE_HANGOUT_PLUGIN_ID-Default.png”. Make sure to replace “GOOGLE_HANGOUT_PLUGIN_ID” with your actial plugin id. In my case, the name of the file is “chrome-nckgahadagoaajjgafhacjanaoiihapd-Default.png”

Put the icon file in following location.

Now restart your computer or restart Gnome Shell, you will have new shiny icon for google hangout.

Google Hangout Separate Icon Ubuntu 18.04

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  • This did not work for me on Ubuntu 19.04. On clicking .desktop icon it takes me to “chrome://extensions/” in Google Chrome. I could not figure out issue, have you tried it on Ubuntu 19.04?

      • I understood the trick. You cannot launch extension with this icon (it takes you to “chrome://extensions/”), but once launched though Chrome it will show up as separate icon. Important is to see Hangouts as separate icon, it solved my problem. Thanks man.

  • I could not find the .desktop file in the ~/.local/share/applications/ location. I am using Ubuntu 20.04

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