Install Ant Media Server on CentOS 8

To install Ant Media Server on CentOS 8, first install wget

Download installer script

Next you need to download binary zip file of Ant Media Server. For this install i used trail version

For community version, you can download from

Download it to same directory as “”. Now run

Replace […]

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Install Linux KVM on CentOS 8

To install Linux KVM hypervisor on CentOS 8, run

Install libvirtd

Enable libvirtd to start on boot

Start libvirtd

To see status, run

Install virt-install

Now you have Linux KVM installed. You can use virt-install or Virt Manager to create virtual machine. See Linux KVM Virtualization […]

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Install PHP 7.3 in CentOS 8

CentOS 8 comes with PHP 7.2. To install PHP 7.3, you need to enable remi repo. You can download remi-release rpm file from Download and install remi-release rpm

if you have older php version and don’t want to keep it, uninstall it with

Install PHP 7.3

Set it as default PHP […]

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Creating CentOS 8 Virtual Machine with Vagrant

CentOS 8 vagrant

Create a directory for Vagrant project

This will create a file with name “Vagrantfile” on current folder. To start the CentOS 8 VM, run

To SSH into CentOS 8 virtual machine

To stop a VM, run

See Vagrant […]

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CentOS 8 disable Activate the web console message

When login to CentOS 8 using SSH, you get message asking you to enable web console.

To disable this message, delete file

This is actually a symlink to file /run/cockpit/motd See CentOS 8 […]

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