AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Here are some useful command working with AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Application get stored in folder


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Deploy Docker Image using Elastic Beanstalk

First create a file docker-eb-run.json with following content

here i used docker container bitnami/tomcat, you can use any container. Login to AWS Console, go to AWS Elastic Beanstalk page. Click Get Started. On next page, it ask for

For Application code, select Upload your code, click upload button and select “docker-eb-run.json” file you […]

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Getting Started with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is a PaaS (Platform As Service) allow you to quickly deploy applications. To install AWS Elastic Beanstalk command line tool, run

Starting your first Project Create a folder with a php file.

Add our project to git.

Initialise Elastic Beanstalk project run

It will ask you to select […]

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Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk Command Line Interface

To install Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk Command Line Interface (EB CLI), run

To create a project.

To create servers in AWS, run

It ask some question, once you done, it shows URL like following In this cause, the URL can be used to access my application. To deploy an application, create […]

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