Ubuntu Server 20.04 configure OVH failover IP

To configure IP in Ubuntu 20.04 guest, create file

add following content


Test network config using

If everything works fine, you can apply the changes with

See OVH, netplan […]

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Configure Failover IP in Ubuntu 18.04 OVH VPS

Default /etc/network/interfaces in Ubuntu 18.04 in OVH VPS look like following

First install

Configure Main IP use “ip a” command to find out interface name and IP of the VPS

In this case, IP = Interface Name = ens3 Use “route -n” command to find out gateway.


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Debian 9 OVH Bridge Network Configuration

When you run VPS on OVH network behind bridge network, you need to create VMAC for each IP and assign to your network card. Once this is done, you need to use following network configuration in your /etc/network/inferfaces file.

FAILOVER_IP = the IP you will be using for the virual machine. GATEWAY_IP = IP […]

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