How to configure IPv6 on OVH AlmaLinux 8 server

First, find the network interface used by the server with ip a command.

The interface eno1 has the public IPv4 address of the server associated, so it is the public interface used by the server.

Find the IPv6 IP address and gateway, This you can find in the OVH Manager server details page.

OVH Server manager network details IPv6

Edit ifcfg file for the network interface

At the end of the configuration, add

2604:2dc0:200:1f7a::/64 – is the IPv6 IP address found in OVH Manager.

Here is the full configuration

Create route file


Here ‘2604:2dc0:0200:1fff:00ff:00ff:00ff:00ff” is gateway address you get from OVH Manager server network page. eno1 is your public network interface name.

After reboot, the IPv6 network will work on the server.

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