Bandwidth Limit on rsync

I wanted to transfer some files between two computers, but don’t want to use all bandwidth available on the network as it will affect other users on the network.

To limit bandwidth, use –bwlimit Option.

Here –bwlimit=1500 will limit bandwidth usage to 1.5 MB/s.

See rsync

Restart rsync on failure

When copying a large site form a shared server using rsync, the rsync process on get killed, this may be done by some program on shared host or server admin manually killing the process.

Here is a bash script that will check if rsync exited normally or not, then retry the trasfter is rsync failure detected.

Save the file as, then run it with

You need to add servers SSH key in remote server so rsync work with out password.


rsync command with exclude option, full server backup to remote server.

Transfer a file

I normally use scp to do single file transfer. It may be better to it with rsync as you will be able to resume.

-P == –partial –progress

If you use non standard SSH port, then replace -e ssh with “-e ssh -p PORT_NUMBER”.


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