Monitor Server with Prometheus and Grafana

grafana dashboard

Prometheus is used an open source software, that can collect metrics and alerting. You can download latest version oof Prometheus from Create a user

Download and Install prometheus

Create a service file

Add following content

Enable prometheus to start on boot

Start prometheus

Prometheus runs on port 9090, […]

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Configure Munin Node

To install munin node on Ubuntu/Debian, run

To configure, edit file


Below this line, you need to add IP of your Munin Master. You need to convert IP to regular expression format before adding. For example, if your IP is, you need to add

If you want to allow […]

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Install netdata on ArchLinux Disable Netdata Email Notification To install netdata, run

Once installed, you will be able to see servers stats at http://your-ip:19999 Stop/start/restart netdata


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