Delete a disk partition in VMWare ESXI

To delete a partition in VMWare ESXI, you can use command

First find out all disks available on your server using command

On my server, it show following

I want to delete the partition

To do this, i run

Here is help for partedUtil

VMWare ESXI Commands

To find vmware version, run


To find IP address, run

See VMWare esxcli

Create VM

Create Virtual Machine in VMware ESXi Server

To create Virtual Machine, login to VMware ESXi, click on “Create/Register VM” link on top.

Create VM

On next page, it ask you to “Select creation type”.

Select “Create a new virtual machine”. Click next.

On next page, you need to “Select a name and guest OS”.

It ask for datastore, select the datastore you need to use for your VM.

On “Customize settings” page you need to select Virtual Machine CPU/RAM/Disk etc..

If you need to boot from ISO, set “CD/DVD Drive 1” to “Datastore ISO file”. This will show you datastore browser, you need to select the ISO file you need to install. Make sure you select “Connect at power on” option for VM to boot from ISO file.

On next screen, it shows information about the virtual machine you are going to create.

Click “Finish” to create the Virtual Machine.

Click on “Virtual Machines” link on left side menu, you will see all your Virtual Machines

Click on the VM to start the Virtual Machine, this will boot the VM from ISO, you can do the installation of Guest OS.

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vmware esxi hardware info

Finding Information on VMware ESXi Host

You can run

In VMware ESXi host SSH terminal. You can also see this information by going to URL

This will ask for your user name and password. Normally default user name is root.

Once you logged in you will see something like

vmware esxi hardware info